Sai Enviro

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This company was started in 2013  for the manufactures of centrifugal and Axial Flow Fans based on renewed designs from all over the world. From a small start of a few engineers & executives today we employ over 24 people Presently we have. We also have extended our activity Industrial Fans ,Air Blower, Air Exhaust,Air Ventilation,Air Base Pnumatic Convayeing ,Coal Handling,Material Handling,Plastic Recycling,Rotary Air Volve/lock,Air Pre-heater,Water Pe-heater,Bio Coal Making Machinery & Air Polution Control Equipments Dust Collector , Cyclone,Cyclone Seperator,Multi-cyclone Bag Filter,Water Scrubber,Electrostetc Precipator,Munciple Soplide Waste Treatement Machinery, Research & Devlopment for Anyy Type of Lagic Base Equipments & Systems.

The technology available has been improved & updated which has today brought the company to a leading position and we take pride in our management & staff to achieve this reputation & name in the field.

We are working & striving to become the best in fan manufacturing.  We are also in touch with developed countries for upgrading our technology for energy efficient Fans. Read more...


Surat, Gujarat, India